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The Diet Nuts Among The Berries. by John Heidrick


The Berries.
The truth behind stimulants being sold as fat loss products.

Without question, the leading nutritional products sold in health food stores, over the net, anywhere for that matter, are the stimulants masquerading as fat loss products.  The list of companies offering these herbal fat loss stimulants is endless.  Xenadrine, Stacker, Hydroxycut just to name three.

They are stimulants.  They work insofar as they amp up your central nervous system and cut your appetite.  If that leads to fat loss great.  But they are not fat loss products in the pure sense of the word.  They are stimulants and they should be marketed as stimulants.  That is the fundamental truth that is being ignored.  In fact, tens of millions of dollars are being spent to make sure that these products are considered the magic elixir of fitness and health rather than what they are, simply, plant based stimulants.

If these products can be sold as fat loss products why not cigarettes?  Yes, tobacco is as effective a stimulant as caffeine is.  So why can't cigarettes be marketed as products that help your fat go up in smoke.  Crazy, isn't it?  Cigarettes are sold for what they are.  So why does the FTC allow this nutritional mismatch with the truth to continue?

Let me be the FIRST to tell everyone the truth.  There are three general types of plant stimulants being marketed as herbal fat loss products.

Type 1:  Monoaminergenic types like Ephedra, Ma Huang, Monks Root.
Type 2:  Purinergic types like teas, caffeine, guarana, kola nut
Type 3:  Cholinergic types like lobelia (tobacco if they could get away with it).

Most million sellers contain one form of type 1 and one form of type 2 stimulant.  In other words, plant extracts that are standardized for ephedrine and caffeine.  This trend may be changing though as the great EPHEDRA SCARE is causing many companies to drop Type 1 stimulants in their products and add even more Type 2 stimulant.

The safety of Ephedra can be debated for decades.  I have my opinion and you are entitled to yours.  Actually, I worry far more about the enormous levels of caffeine in both the ephedra based and the ephedra free stimulants than I do about the ephedra.  But that isn't the concern right now.  My concern is that you understand the difference between stimulants and fat loss products.  The difference is simple:

The purpose of a stimulant is to empower your central nervous system to speed up your heart rate and respiration. 

The purpose of a fat loss product is to help you to lower excess body fat.

Stimulants work effectively as stimulants.  Fat Loss products are more effective for fat loss.

Leading Stimulants                            Leading Fat Loss
Ephedrine Plus                              GABA Caps
TME 8.3                                        Slimbuterol
Metabothin                                    Somtrop hGH withIGF1
Stacker Products                           Thin Stat
Fatigue Sux                                    Mega Hoodia

THE FUNDAMENTAL RULE:    If you want a stimulant take a stimulant.  If you want a fat loss product take a Fat Loss product. 

Following this rule will actually eliminate the worries you have about taking ephedra based products for fat loss.


This article was published on Monday 01 January, 2007.
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