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Bug Juice 60 Caps by John Heidrick


Trigger Factors

Bug Juice

60 caps

Bug Juice is a new, completely natural, synergistic nutritional supplement compound that has been designed to improve nitrogen retention at the cellular level and to stimulate general lean muscle growth while inhibiting fat storage. It is a combination of 125 mg. pure Ecdysterone (a-se-dis-star-on) alkaloids, 200 mg. Agave extract and 100 mg. Vitamin T.

Straight Scoop TM:
Each of the three ingredients in Bug Juice has many positive and varied effects on the body. The first ingredient, Ecdysterone, is a very powerful highly anabolic, totally non-androgenic plant sterol that has been clinically proven to increase strength and endurance. It has been found that both men and women on Ecdysterone will increase lean muscle tissue by 7% and decrease body fat by 10% in only ten days. Additionally, Ecdysterone vastly improves aerobic conditioning and endurance by increasing lung capacity and VO2 max while also increasing exhalation of CO2. In fact, a Russian research study found that 89% of subjects who supplemented ecdysterone versus a placebo reported less fatigue, greater performance, more motivation, greater speed, and improved strength in just 5 days! Ecdysterone also improves nitrogen balance by decreasing urea concentration in the blood while simultaneously increasing hemoglobin levels. Additional studies demonstrate that supplemented ecdysterone increases total protein and glycogen content in muscles, suppresses hypoglycemia while powerfully stabilizing blood sugar levels, prevents high blood sugar levels and high insulin levels thereby halting fat production, pushes nutrients into muscle and organ tissue yielding better muscle growth and repair, lowers cholesterol, stabilizes cell membranes, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and improves the appearance of the skin. The second ingredient in Bug Juice is the active plant extract Agave. Certain natural plant substances promote lean mass and definition; that is why they have been used as starting materials for powerful fat loss and lean mass building pharmaceuticals. Agave, has the highest known sapoginin index in the plant kingdom and is therefore considered the strongest known natural body shaping substance on earth. Third, Bug Juice contains Vitamin T. Vitamin T is the least well known yet most intriguing of the vitamins known to science. This is due to the fact that most of the research on Vitamin T was carried out by communist military powers and the results were so astonishing that they were immediately classified as secret. Vitamin T exists naturally in extremely high levels in sesame and in many insects such as termites. In fact, there is an entomological theory that postulates the incredible strength in insects is a result of the extraordinarily high levels of Vitamin T and ecdysterone (hence the name Bug Juice). Medical researches do know for a fact that Vitamin T markedly stimulates erythropoiesis. Erythropoiesis is the development of mature red blood cells which leads to a stimulation of the anabolic process in protein metabolism. It is also known that Vitamin T improves mood and feelings of comfort in social interaction. So powerful are these feel good effects, many researchers are considering Vitamin T to be the new millennium's antidote to shyness.

Street Logic:
I can see where the description above might be a little misleading. Bug Juice might be misunderstood to be a product better suited for men than for women. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bug Juice is an absolutely great product for both men and women. Yes, males looking to define their bodies and add mass do phenomenally well on Bug Juice but no better than women do who are looking to lose fat and develop that fitness model physique they desire. Plain and simple, Bug Juice works for everyone. Women looking for fat loss and EATING APPROPRIATE TO THAT GOAL will not suddenly develop huge muscles. It just doesn?t work like that. Bug Juice is a nutritional supplement not alchemy from Harry Potter.

People want to know if I use Bug Juice. For those of you who are familiar with my personal feelings and beliefs on products, well, you know I am not happy with a majority of things manufactured that we actually sell. The exact opposite is true of Bug Juice. I think Bug Juice is the single BEST product I have taken since started in this business in 1986. It is the closest thing to a true tonic in a cap that I have found and as sure as I am to brush my teeth in the morning is as sure as I am to take my Bug Juice. For optimal results, the recommended dose is 1 capsule per day for every 65 pounds of body weight.

Athletic Use:
Currently, there is nothing in Bug Juice that will cause a positive test for athletes engaged in any tested sport.

People taking Bug Juice also take:

  • Protein Powders: A majority of peoples diets are rich in carbohydrates and low in protein. To increase lean mass OR to decrease body fat, you should have at least as many grams of protein daily as you do carbs. Since Bug Juice works with the nitrogen that is contained in protein, it stands to reason that increasing protein levels will lead to better results and faster goal attainment. There are hundreds of good protein powders out there and we sell them all. Don't believe the hype about one powder being SIGNIFICANTLY better than others. At most, the very best powder is only 10-12 percent better than the majority and at prices nearly twice as high, they are just not economical. Right now, personally, I use Magnum Whey from MegaPro.
  • GABA: Since most people taking Bug Juice are concerned with decreasing fat and increasing lean muscle, GABA is an obvious companion product that speeds goal attainment.


For more information, please visit this articles web page.
This article was published on Monday 01 January, 2007.
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