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The Advantages of creatine to your workout. by John Heidrick


Attention Creatine consumers.  

Stop wasting your money on popular gimmicks and think about old school training. Pure creatine monohydrate has been around for years.  Have you ever thought why? Let me answer that question.  IT WORKS!  I have a simple explosive way to enhance your workout like never before.  Creatine needs a complex carbohydrate such as pasta to be fully absorbed into the body.  Fruity drinks with a lot of sugar do not give your body the proper tools needed for maximum absorption. Let's face it no body wants to work out with a pound of pasta in their stomach right. So the next best thing is Carbo Hit.  One scoop of Carbo Hit and 5gms of Creatine about 30 minutes before your workout and you just step into the Motivation Zone. For awesome pumps and energy like you just popped your favorite Ephedra product.  I've been training for about 16 years now and I don't leave the gym with out a pump and this combo makes my veins pop. All I ask is if you decide to give this combo a try please write a review and tell your story.  This goes both ways weather it works or not.  Stay Motivated John


Carbo Hit 3lbs $11.79

Pure Creatine Monohydrate 500gms $16.18

Awesome energy and massive pumps priceless.


Carbo Hit it's everywhere you want to be.

This article was published on Wednesday 28 March, 2007.
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