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Gereral Diet by John Heidrick

First thing we need to do is set up an eating schedule. You need to eat six meals a day spaced out every 2 to 3 hours, not big meals small ones with mostly protein about 20gms a meal.
Carbs (complex low glynemtic) are very lite not more then 15 to 20 Gms a meal keep. OK Food you can choose from to make your meals. Protein, Egg Whites, Chicken, Fish, Protein Shakes, Protein Bars. Very lean *Red Meat (2x per week only)
Carbs (low glynamic, complex) Oat meal, broccoli, sweet potatoes, brown rice, cauliflower leafy green vegetables, *legumes 2x per week varieties high in fiber, avoid high starch varieties. Do not eat carrots or corn these vegetables tend to be high in sugar low in fiber. Eat two or more servings of fruits per day. Stick with fruits that have high water and fiber contents. Avoid eating bananas unless you feel like your potassium is low. Bread products tend to be for most people a downfall, choose whole wheat varieties be very cautious avoid bread that has white flour in it. Most wheat breads are made with white flour. Choose varieties, which contain 100% wheat flour. Limit bread to two slices per day, if you choose to have two slices of bread do not have any other major complex Carbs by this I mean pastas or rice. Pastas/ rice use whole grain pasta and brown rice NO WHITE RICE. You can also eat spinach pasta or other vegetable based pastas such as tomato, basil. Stay away from pastas made from samilina flour a form of white flour. When eating pasta or rice limit you’re serving to one cup cooked and try to eat it at lunchtime so your body has adequate time to burn it. Also limit these to 2 xs per week. You can also use meal replacements When preparing food be sure to bake, boil or poach all foods.
Avoid frying.
Since you are limited in your food choices it is important to spice things up a bit. Some suggested condiments are:
Salsa, ketchup, mustard, spaghetti sauce, fat free Mayo, fat free salad dressings, vinegar's, olives, peppers, jelly (low sugar) fat free cooking spray. Keep in mind that these items too have Carbs so calculate them into your daily servings and use them sparingly.
Beverages, avoid caffeine drinks, drink plenty of water, and avoid fruit juice and high sugar drinks. Stay away from sodas. Limit alcohol consumption.
Choose from the list above to make meals. If you can precook them it would be easier.
Some examples
Egg whites 4, you can add any of the following pepper's/olives/little onion, garlic, salsa, stewed tomatoes (be creative) one serving one cup of cooked oatmeal sweeten with one tbs. Spoon of jelly or jam.
* Snack 1
Protein shake * Meal 2
Can of tuna or one chicken breast, salad, piece of fruit.8-16 0z water *Snack 2
Protein shake-protein bar * Meal 3
4-6oz protein, 1 serving vegetable, salad 8-16 oz water * Snack 3
Protein shake.
NOTE: If this does not fill you up and you feel hungry at any time you can eat protein. It may be a shake, bar or meat/egg/fish form.
Helpful supplements:
Bug Juice-Ecdysterone which helps stimulate muscle growth while reducing fat storage.
Mood Food- Naturally Changes the brain chemistry to reduce food cravings.
Gaba- increases growth hormone, speeds up metabolism (taken at bed time)
Am Abs- pulls sodium from the body so you retain less water
Slimbuterol- carb blocker with a appetite suppressor & non stimulate fat burner
TMB- an ECA stack, ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin for speeding up the metabolism and energy
Multi vitamin - an essential component may feel fatigued with out it.
Daily Two (Twin Labs) capsules $17.99 30 day supply.
Protein Powder Supplement. Optimum 2lb $19.99, 5lb $34.99 Choc, Van, Straw
Low carb protein bars- 28 to 30gms protein, 2 to 3carbs, 2 to 4gms fat many flavors email me for best value
** As with all high protein diets lack of energy is a down side. If you feel particularly sluggish an ephedrine-based product may be helpful. (TMB Plus, ephedrine energy)
Cardio each day for a minimum of 30-40 minutes not including a warm up
Weight train if possible for quicker results. Muscle burns fat 24hrs a day I wish you all the best, keep me posted on your progress.
If I can be of further assistance feel free to contact me. John

This article was published on Wednesday 01 November, 2006.
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