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Spa Formula: Dietary Supplement for the Hair, Skin & Nails

Spa Formula: Dietary Supplement for the Hair, Skin & Nails
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Price  $9.99 - $11.95 
Model   Spa030

What are the main ingredients in Spa Formula?

Spa Formula is a combination of 500 mgs. of the sulfur containing amino acid L-Cysteine, 100 mgs. of the silica based herb Horsetail Grass and 10 mgs. of the highly bioactive mineral Zinc Picolinate. 
How does Spa Formula promote better hair, nails and skin?

The three active ingredients in Spa Formula have been shown to promote cellular activity in the scalp, the nail beds and the skin. For example, the hair is surrounded in the scalp by blood vessels, nerves, muscles, glands and millions of cells. As the blood carries oxygen and the critical nutrients found in Spa Formula to the folliclex area, it promotes cellular activity, and as the cells reproduce, they build a flexible protein called Keratin (hair). The hair is then lubricated by a sebaceous gland that secretes oil which coats the hair and allows for smooth growth, luster and sheen. 

What changes will I see after using Spa Formula?
Spa Formula will stimulate the hair to grow more quickly and, after a short time, each hair shaft will begin to increase in diameter. The larger diameter not only makes the hair look richer, it also increases it's strength. Research also shows that the ingredients in Spa Formula add luster to the hair and helps to eliminate excess oil. Spa Formula will create thicker, harder, less brittle nails as well. After beginning this product, as new nail grows out, you will notice a tremendous change in the strength of your nails. If you are prone to ridging in the nails, which is nearly always a result of a mild zinc deficiency, you will see them growing in far more smoothly. Finally, Spa Formula will improve the look of the skin, especially naturally oily skin. 
How should I take Spa Formula?

1-2 caplets may be taken daily. There are no negative side effects found in using Spa Formula.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 17 February, 2011.
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