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Magnetic Therapy Bracelet SS

Magnetic Therapy Bracelet SS
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Price  $29.99  $14.99 
Model   Mag-01
Manufacturer   SuperVita Combos

Stainless Steel Bracelet
Material: 316L Stainless Steel
Magnets: N/D 2000GS
Plating: Nickel & Cadmium Free

Self adjusting, twisted rope-like stylish bracelet with 2,000 gauss magnets encapsulated in silver plated copper balls. 0.2" dia x 7.5" long. Features stainless steel twisted braids which provide an attractive elegance with adjustable flexibility and durability. Adjusts to fit most wrist sizes. MAGNET - - - "NATURAL HEALTHY CHOICE!"

Silver Bracelet Two Tone

How do I use the magnets?

Using magnets is no secret. They are extremely simple to use. Just place the magnet on or near the area where you want to receive comfort. It is not necessary to keep the magnet on the area continuously. Magnets should not be used on an open and fresh wound.

What Is The Difference between North and South Poles?

The North and South poles are magnetic opposites. Scientists call these geophysical magnetic lines - from north to south, with the North being the Negative and the South being the Positive.

How Do Magnets Work to Comfort Painful conditions?

A painful area almost always lacks blood circulation and oxygen. The area usually is highly acidic and has a positive polarity. The negative (Unipole) magnet increases the circulation, thus bringing more oxygen to the painful area, reducing inflammation. The negative energy field produced by the magnet also counteracts the positive field associated with the painful condition.

Does it make a Difference on which wrist you wear Magnetic Bracelets?

Therapeutic Magnetic bracelets utilize reflexology points on the wrist. As we are individuals, the best way to judge is to wear a bracelet on one wrist for a certain time period to see if it will help with your unique situation. Switching wrists to obtain different results for your problem is recommended by some sources. (It is not recommended that any jewelry be worn in a shower or while doing dishes to prevent soap scum build-up between links.)

Who Are Using Magnets?

Several celebrated sports figures also provide authenticated testimony to the personal benefits they've personally experienced with exclusive use of Therapy Magnets

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 10 July, 2006.
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