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Thin Stat 50 Capsules

Thin Stat 50 Capsules
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Price  $24.95  $17.95 
Model   Trigger-02
Manufacturer   Trigger Factors

Start Losing Weight Today With Thin Stat.



  • quick, safe, weight loss

  • increases circulating HGH levels

  • helps block Somatostatin

  • known for its improved cognitive functions

  • helps improve memory

Trigger Factors - Thin Stat: Nature has provided the human body with an extraordinarily delicate system of checks and balances. Never can this balance be better seen than in one of the key hormones for fat loss, hGH.


When we reach adulthood, with each passing year, circulating levels of hGH drop dramatically. As hGH levels drop, it is harder for us to burn body fat and we begin to round out in all the wrong places. This is the reason why it is harder to lose weight as we grow older.


You have no doubt heard about hGH on television, on radio, in magazines and in newspapers. It is easily the "hottest" topic in weight loss. In fact, there is a very large, ever growing group to doctors, medical scientist and biochemical researchers that consider hGH not only to be nature's key to weight loss but also as modern science's "Fountain of Youth."


With the explosion of positive information on the body shaping, health and lifestyle benefits of hGH, there have been a tremendous number of pharmaceutical and natural nutrient products developed to directly increase circulating levels of hGH. What every one of these pro-hGH products have failed to account for is nature's inherent biochemical balance. In the case of hGH, it is the ratio of Sermorelin (also referred to as Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone) and Somatostatin (also referred to as Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone) which determines the actual hGH levels of the body. Racing to ingest products that promote hGH (Sermorelin enhancers) thinking they are the ultimate diet aid, while ignoring it's natural assassin (Somatostatin) is useless as competing in a canoe race without a paddle.

The end result... safe and efficient weight loss.


How does this help me?

Simply put, consider your body to be a relatively empty pail. The more full it is with hGH; the thinner, more energetic and more youthful you will be. It stands to reason that taking products that naturally tweek Sermorlin, thereby naturally stimulating the production of hGH, are great. These products fill "the pail." The problem is that no one considers the giant hole in the bottom of the pail, Somatostatin. Logically, no matter how many pro hGH products you take, if you don't somehow block Somatostatin, (the hole in our analogy), the pail will not fill.

Improved Cognitive Functions...

What i
s Thin Stat?

Thin Stat is the first product ever developed to block Somatostatin and thereby allow the wide range of hGH products to actually work. Without Thin Stat, hGH products are relatively useless for the body.

Thin Stat is a patent pending, completely natural, totally safe formulation created to block Somatostatin and its negative effects. It is a combination of purified Huperzine A, Choline and a specially designed amino acid biochemical trigger matrix.

Thin Stat works by dramatically boosting brain levels of acetylcholine, which in turn, effectively blocks the formation of Somatostatin. The higher the levels of acetylcholine, the lower the levels of Somatostatin.
There are added benefits to Thin Stat, beyond its ability to raise circulating levels of hGH Acetylcholine is a highly desired, versatile neurotransmitter, responsible for improving a number of vital functions, including many related to cognition and memory.


Recommended Usage:
  • It is recommended that you take one Thin Stat cap at least 30 minutes before taking any pro hGH product. Thin Stat will work best if taken in the morning, sometime in mid afternoon and before a pro Hgh product at bedtime.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 12 July, 2006.
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