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Pure GABA Vegetable Caps 60 Capsules

Pure GABA Vegetable Caps 60 Capsules
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Price  $9.95 
Model   Sterling-01
Manufacturer   Sterling Labs LLC


 Sterling Labs Pure GABA Caps  is 750mgs of pure Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid (GABA) an amino acid in vegetable capsules. 60 Vegetable Capsules in each bottle.

The Benefits of Vegetable capsules:

Vegetable capsules are two-piece capsules made from cellulosic raw materials that satisfy vegetarian and cultural needs. Vegetable capsules are an attractive, preservative-free, all natural dosage form that retains all the advantages of standard two-piece capsules: easy to swallow, effectively mask taste and odor, and allow product visibility. This capsule of plant origin meets the strict dietary needs of customers that choose vegetarian, as well as Kosher lifestyles.


It has been clinically tested that the best way to elevate HGH levels is to stimulate the body to produce more HGH. You can stimulate your own pituitary gland to produce more HGH instead of introducing HGH into your system. Studies have shown that an old pituitary gland has the same capacity to produce HGH as a young pituitary gland. If we can find a way to stimulate our pituitary gland we will have the best answer to release HGH naturally. By not introducing a foreign GH, we will not suffer from any side effect. Furthermore, our body is very good at self regulating.

GABA CAPS contains the active ingredient of Gamma Amino-Butyric Acid which is a neurotransmitter and a very effective HGH releaser. By producing more HGH, you will regain your youthful looks and will enjoy excellent health.

GABA CAPS is the best kept secret for fat loss. It is very effective in reducing your body fat. Fat loss should not be mistaken for weight loss. Most weight-loss diet supplement is usually water-loss which you can easily gain back once you go back to normal eating. The advantage of taking GABA CAPS is that you also gain lean muscle mass while losing fat. You will notice the difference when you find your clothing loose around the waistline and your body firm. Depending on your body structure, your weight may increase, remain the same, or is reduced. As you are aware, muscle is heavier than fat. Your measuring tape is a better judge to your improvement than the conventional weighing scale.

GABA CAPS also produces many other benefits for the well-being of your body.


GABA  works best during the first 90 minutes of your sleep. Therefore, it is important that you take it before you go to sleep. It is highly recommended that you take it on an empty stomach, preferably 2-3 hours after your last meal for the day.

The recommended dosage for GABA CAPS is 2-3 capsules per day. If fat loss is your intention, then we recommend 3 capsules per day until you notice acceptable results.

GABA CAPS can be taken throughout the day. For example, if you have body pain or feel tired you can consume GABA CAPS to eliminate your pain or to increase your energy level.

GABA CAPS is effective as a fat loss supplement because each capsule contains 750mg of a powerful neurotransmitter known as GAMMA AMINOBUTYRIC ACID.

GAMMA AMINOBUTYRIC ACID is the most important and abundant inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain and was discovered in 1883 in Berlin. It helps induce relaxation and sleep. It acts as a “balancer” for the brain where excitation of the brain is balanced with inhibition. In addition to its balancing effects, it stimulates the anterior pituitary, leading to higher levels of naturally released Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

One study (conducted by First Medical Clinic at the University of Milan in Italy) found that 90 minutes after GAMMA AMINOBUTYRIC ACID supplementation, HGH levels INCREASED 5 TIMES. GABA CAPS contains the same powerful HGH releasing ingredient in each capsule.

GABA CAPS is a powerful HGH releaser. Because HGH has anabolic (muscle building) and lipotropic (breakdown and utilization of body fat) effects, the high level of naturally released HGH in the body is very effective in reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass.

As have been widely reported, obesity, especially fat stores around the middle, is associated with degenerative diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. By reshaping your body with GABA CAPS, you will live longer, healthier, and sexier. And you will look years younger, since HGH also does wonders for your face.

GABA CAPS will enable the pituitary gland to RELEASE circulating HGH to a level similar to when we were very young. Our HGH level is at its highest around 20 years old and will decrease dramatically from then on.

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