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Green Stinger 120 Caplets Ephedra

Green Stinger 120 Caplets Ephedra
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Price  $79.95  $48.95 
Model   GSting
Manufacturer   Schwartz Laboratories


Green Stinger is a powerful weight loss diet pill. Specifically designed to help increase body temperature, decrease body fat and give long lasting energy. Green stinger can be taken as a weight loss supplement or it can be taken to help support mood and energy all day. Some people will also take Green Stinger before workouts to help with weight loss while maintaining muscle mass.



Some of Green Stinger Diet’s benefits:


  • Fast, Rapid Weight Loss
  • More vigor 
  • Increased energy levels
  • Strong fat burning effect
  • Reduction in body fat
  • Great For Pre-Workout Stimulation
  • Feeling of well being   

Schwartz Labs Green Stinger is the strongest ultimate blended fat burner ever made for the ultimate weight loss results! Each unique ingredient in Green Stinger works together to help drop those extra pounds fast and finally rid unwanted body fat!

A Brief Overview of Ingredients in Green Stinger:


With proprietary TriENRG blend (researched blend of pure, natural caffeine yielding 200mg - total caffeine) and proprietary YohimatrixT blend (synergistic combination of three different chemical preparations of the energy herb -Yohimbe) 

This 100% natural, plant-based formula will help to increase your energy level and enhance your body's own ability to burn calories! Green Stinger with fat burners are a true fat burner that are completely organic - natural and safe if used properly, but contact your doctor before using any vitamins, herbs or dietary supplements. 

Every ingredient in Green Stinger diet pills extreme are specifically dosed for optimal results. Green Stinger hardcore weight loss products also have a strong stimulating and energizing quality without excessive nervousness for jitters!

Found in varying quantities in beans, leaves, and the fruit of over 60 plants. Caffeine is most commonly consumed by humans in coffee and tea, as well as various foods and drinks containing products derived from the kola nut, yerba mate, and guarana berries. It is a central nervous system stimulant, having the effect of temporarily warding off drowsiness, and restoring alertness. It is highly effective as a thermogenic for weight loss and improving performance when working out.

Pure White Willow Bark Extract (salicin):
White Willow Bark has been shown to be an effective addition to widely used herbal weight-loss supplements. Thermo genesis is the rapid conversion of the food we digest into heat before the calories can be stored as fat. Aspirin (today’s version of salicylic acid) is very similar, actually made from a different salicin-containing herb, but works in the same way. Salicin has the same pain relieving medicinal effects as aspirin, but doesn’t have the common side effects of today’s aspirin (GI bleeding and discomfort). 

Yohimbine HCL has appetite suppressant qualities, which would decrease overall energy intake in those lean and obese who take it. Yohimbine works by blocking the alpha-2 adrenoreceptors. This is important because it increases blood flow in adipose tissue, which prevents fat from being retained in that area. The stubborn fatty areas, love handles for men and lower stomach for women are where you will find an abundance of alpha-2 receptors, making it particularly effective in these areas. With just watching you eat, a little dieting makes it easy to tighten up your butt/glutes, abs/abdominals, and love handles and Yohimbe helps with this!

Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange): 
Seville orange and synephrine. It is regularly used in combination with diet pills and weight loss formulas. It offers all the advantages of a stimulant, without the drawbacks. It functions to burn fat, increase physical performance, and build lean muscle mass. Citrus Aurantium / bitter orange works very well for this.

Yohimatrix TM:
Yohimatrix is the name given to the blend of yohimbe compounds Schwartz Laboratories uses to maximize the effect of green stingers. Yohimbe has be a around for a long time and it is clear that “good” yohimbe – works. In the product Green Stingers, three very specific forms of yohimbe have been combined in specific ratios. Schwartz Laboratories found that this “shotgun” effect of the three different chemical preparations created an uptake and utilization synergy never attained from yohimbe extracts until this discovery.

It has the ability to increase the metabolic rate by stimulating your thyroid gland and inducing a powerful thermogenic effect through the conversion of fats into heat. This compound is truly a scientific breakthrough in the world of fat loss and fat burning.

Phenylethylamine HCL:
Commonly referred to as the “love drug” because of it’s effect on beta endorphins, an opioid peptide responsible for pleasurable feelings. It’s also the chemical found in chocolate giving it it’s well known aphrodisiac effects. Phenylethylamine HCL enhances fat loss.

Theobroma CoCoa:
A small tree that produces cocoa pods that are fermented and after a long process, packed and sold as chocolate products. The flavanols found in these Theobroma Cocoa pods have been proven in studies to have positive effects on vascular health. In addition, recent research has found improvements in blood circulation and the ability of arteries to dilate, a decrease in the body’s inflammatory immune response and oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Cocoa is believed to surpass even garlic as a protective antioxidant food. And, it just tastes so darn good!

Green Tea Extract: 
Green tea itself has been the drink of choice for centuries in many Asian countries. It contains chemical compounds called polyphenols, specifically the epigallocatechin (ECGC), which act as powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize destructive free radicals (that can lead to cancer) and support cardiovascular health by preventing the oxidation of cholesterol. This helps to maintain the integrity of arterial cell walls. Using tea extracts allows for the standardization of the polyphenol content; the assurance that a consistent concentration of these compounds is in each dose.

A citrus flavanoid commonly found in grapefruit. There is some evidence that the effects and levels of caffeine or Naringen can be extended when consumed with naringen, making it great as an addition to any fat burner, since 99% of all fat burners contain caffeine or a derivative of. Who wouldn’t want to improve and extend the effects of such a powerful ingredient if they could? Lastly, cholesterol-lowering effects have also been seen.

A bioactive alkaloid extract from a plant called Evodiae Fructus. It is found in many weight loss products. Evodiamine is known to produce astimulating and thermogenic effect, which warms the body’s inner core to a point where fat and water weight are burned. It has been found to be very effective for weight loss and adding that extra energy boost for workouts.



This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 02 October, 2012.
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